Welcome to KGML-ED
- a graphical KGML pathway editor -
KGML-ED - edit, process, and visualize KGMLv0.6.1 pathway files
KGML-ED allows the dynamic exploration and editing of KEGG Pathway diagrams. It is a graphical network editor, that provides read- and write-support for the KGML (KEGG Markup Language) file format. Pathway files are loaded and transformed into a graph network which may be modified to fulfill user-specific needs (e.g. it is possible, to delete or add network elements, change labels and colors).
Two kinds of advanced network exploration approaches are supported:
(1) The navigation from overview to detail (construct a pathway overview and integrate/load selected pathways into the view).
(2) The exploration of related pathways by integrating referenced pathway maps into the current view with a double-click onto a map reference node.
A hierarchical layout makes it possible to place different pathways at the desired positions in the graphical network-view and layout each pathway similar to the KEGG Pathway layout.
Background information about the employed approaches is available in this publication:

Christian Klukas and Falk Schreiber: Dynamic exploration and editing of KEGG pathway diagrams. Bioinformatics 2007 23: 344-350.