Please make sure that you have the Java 6 runtime environment (JRE) installed (consult tutorial 1 for more details).
In case the Java 6 JRE is properly installed, the following Java Web-Start link may be used for the automatic download and execution of the program:
Related Databases
A number of program commands (e.g. the command to replace compound labels with compound names) only work if there is  access to the following database (files): KEGG Compound database, SIB Enzyme database, KEGG KO database.
Please use the menu command “Help/Database Status” to check the database (file) status and use the displayed command buttons to read license information and to get detailed download instructions.
System Requirements
OS: Multi-platform support based on Java 6
RAM: ≥ 1024 MB
Hard Disk: ~ 60 MB incl. related database files
Display: ≥ 1024x768
Other: A mouse is required
Required Java Runtime
Java 6 runtime